DJ Emma G is one of only a handful of well-respected female DJs from New Zealand. Dubbed ‘Golden Girl’ of the local D&B scene, she is the former Auckland house queen, and more recently renowned for rocking out her signature sound of upbeat, soulful Drum & Bass alongside MC Tali, on tour with the pair’s magnetic ‘Soulside Sessions’ brand showcase; also representing UK’s finest Integral Records which she now manages. Working in fashion by day, with a strong passion for promoting her love of intelligent music, it’s no doubt she has been influential in bringing back the sex appeal to such a male-dominated industry.

Growing up in a musical family, with a set of turntables at home belonging to her DJ/Producer brother, naturally led to an early discovery of an adoration for electronic music. As a teen she set her mind to mastering the art of turntablism, developing her own unique style of seamless mixing which was to soon be unleashed onto dancefloors around the globe.

Debuting on student radio BFM in 1998, she quickly began to make a name for herself on the rave scene and was scouted in 2001 for what was to become a long-time stint hosting weekly on New Zealand dance radio station George FM. She was also selected for residencies all over Auckland and became one of the hottest DJs on the party circuit. A well-respected promoter, she was also the face and signature sound of one of Auckland’s longstanding monthly local nights: ‘Liquid Recreation’, which toured the country.

Performing alongside many of the industry’s most respected artists on tour down in New Zealand eventually led to an inevitable relocation to the UK, to immerse herself in the scene where the heart of Drum & Bass truly began.

Initially landing an episode of DNBTV, and her own ‘Superfine Music’ night rocking in the heart of Shoreditch, she quickly proved to make moves and grooves in the Northern Hemisphere. Regular appearances in London and around Europe to date have included highlights such as the legendary ‘Sun and Bass’ festival, Innersoul, Beatpatrol in Austria and most recently for Basshaze in Bratislava.

It is Emma G’s fresh brand ‘Soulside Sessions’ that is quickly gaining solid reputation worldwide. The collaboration mix series project with fellow kiwi, MC Tali which extends to a live show, toured Europe last December with a second installment coming June 2015 and Canada to follow later in the year.

Emma G’s DJ sets are epitomized by heart and soul matched with magnetic bass, and a combination of lush, deep introspective rollers and uplifting dance floor smashers. She is all about creating a journey of sound and bass magic for her listeners and dancers. If the vibe’s alive, it’ll be on hot rotation!

Emma G has toured Australia, Austria, Slovakia, UK, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Spain and New Zealand. Make sure she comes to visit your city next to bring the ‘Soulside’ switch! Bring on the worldwide drum & bass vibes.


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